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St Louis Catholic Academy

St Louis
Catholic Academy


Why schools have Governors

Governing bodies play three key roles – they provide a strategic overview, they act as a critical friend to the school, and they ensure accountability.

By working strategically, the governing body helps to provide the best possible education for the pupils at St Louis Academy. Through working as a corporate body with a clearly defined division of responsibilities between the headteacher and the governors, the governing body:

  • Helps to set standards and targets for performance for the school.
  • Has an overview of the curriculum.
  • Helps to set policies for itself and the school.
  • Delivers effective planning including planning the delivery of financial, personnel and post-inspection duties.

By being a critical friend, the governing body establishes an effective working relationship with the headteacher, through having clear division of duties delivered through effective meetings. This will help the governing body to:

  • Know the school.
  • Have an effective scheme of delegation between the governing body and the headteacher and the governing body and its committees.
  • Monitor and evaluate attainment, achievement and the delivery of policies and plans.

To ensure accountability, the governing body will receive regular reports from the headteacher and will provide information to the LEA and the parents on a regular basis. Governors need a robust process and framework for setting priorities, creating accountability and monitoring progress. This is facilitated by a school development plan  that sets out strategic targets and key performance indicators (KPIs). 

School Governors will:

  • Oversee and publish an Annual Parent Satisfaction Survey.
  • Oversee an annual Staff Wellbeing Survey.

Governors’ involvement

Each Governor takes an individual interest in particular areas of the curriculum, with the intention of developing his or her own knowledge and understanding so as to properly support staff, contribute to the development of Curriculum areas, as appropriate, and increase and enhance the effective monitoring of all aspects of school development.

Governors also take particular interest and responsibility in other dimensions of school life, such as Health and Safety, Child Protection, Governor Training, School Admissions, School Brochures, Staff Recruitment and Pay and, of course, the School Budget.

Governors visit the school on a regular basis in supportive and advisory roles. Meetings of the full Governing Body take place once a term. Working Parties and Committees meet as is necessary throughout the term.

The Governing Body of St Louis Catholic Academy has adopted the policy of paying for Governors’ expenses. This is to ensure that nobody is deterred from serving as a Governor for financial reasons.


The Co- Chairs of our governing body are Bethan Byrne and Marc Walker. The Vice Chair is Jenny Balmer.

The Clerk to the Governing Body is Antoinette Jones

The Headteacher, Mrs Sue Blakeley, is a member of the Governing Body.

Governors Terms of Office and Roles


Remit Appointed By

Date of Appointment

End of Term

Bethan Byrne


Health & Safety




  Kofi Atuah

  Diocese   1-11-2023   31-10-2027

Jennifer Balmer


Vice Chair 




  Sue Blakeley (Headteacher)

- -   1-9-2020 -

Charles Dore

None Diocese



Fr Leonard Michael


None Diocese



Ann Sugrue

RE Diocese



Emily Burbridge

Safeguarding Diocese



Marc Walker

Co-Chair  Diocese



  Kiri Wyatt   Staff   1-11-2023   31-10-2027