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St Louis Catholic Academy

St Louis
Catholic Academy


Illness Absence


Whether it’s because of illness, or any other reason, we need to know when and why your child is not in school. Contact us by phone, or e-mail:

Tel: 01638 662719

E-Mail -


All absences (including medical appointments) must be requested in advance.





When children are unwell they should be kept at home. There are no qualified medical personnel at the school, only basic first-aid, and facilities for looking after sick children are very limited. If a child has been sick or they have diarrhoea, they should not return to school until they have been well for at least 24 hours.

If your child is absent from school through illness, please telephone the school, choosing Option 1, and leave a message on the absence line before 8.50am each and every day your child is absent so their absence is accounted for.

Please leave the following information in your message:

  • Your child’s name.
  • His/her class.
  • Reason for absence.
  • Your relationship to the child.

The Admin Team will chase parents who have not phoned in confirming reasons for absence, via phone, text messaging and in writing.

  • Contact information can be found on the right and on the Contact Us page.

What to do if you are late

If your child is late please bring them to Reception to be signed in. Anyone late after the close of register at 9.00am will be recorded as an unauthorised absence even though present in school for the rest of the morning.

All absences (including medical appointments) must be requested in advance, through the "Request an Absence" tab. 

If you collect your child early from school for any reason, you must also sign them out in Reception. As with the signing in process you must record in the register on the sheet provided for your child’s class:

  • Today’s Date.
  • Your Child’s Name.
  • Reason for lateness or leaving early.
  • Parent’s signature.
  • Time In.
  • Time Out.

Collecting your child during school

Parents must inform teachers in advance if a child has a medical or dental appointment during school hours.

Please come to Reception and your child will be collected from their class and brought to you.

You will be asked to sign them out.


Fixed Penalty Notices

Please note that in the event that your child has six unauthorised sessions (3 days) in an academic year, you should expect to receive a Fixed Penalty Notice Fine.