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St Louis Catholic Academy

St Louis
Catholic Academy

Why Why Why?

Hello! This has been a week of questions… mostly good questions! They have been particularly pertinent in RE where we had questions ranging from ‘Who made God?’ to ‘Where did people go after they died before Jesus opened the Gates of Heaven?’ to ‘How high is Heaven?’… I think we have some true theologians in the making! In the end, they wrote their questions down because there were just so many! We then ran out of paper…

In Geography, we watched a really hopeful video on the waste system in Sweden, which can be found here: They have managed to create a waste system where only 1% of their rubbish ends up in landfill! The children were fascinated by it and kept asking why we don’t have a similar system here.

Our school rosary continues each Thursday morning, led by Father Christopher virtually. We’ve learned the Glory Be and also looked at the Fatima prayer as it was the feast day this week!

We also started our DT project this afternoon… can you guess what it is?!

Finally, linked to our ‘Red for Racism’ day, we had a really good chat  about different cultures and what we can learn from them. They had lots of good ideas!

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