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St Louis Catholic Academy

St Louis
Catholic Academy

Praying The Holy Rosary

Hello everyone! This week saw us starting to pray the Rosary together as a school… Virtually! We are planning on doing one decade from each set of Mysteries up until half term to celebrate that October is the month of the Holy Rosary. The children are becoming more familiar with the different parts of the Rosary and how it ‘works’ and have also explored how it was given by Mary to St Dominic.


In other news, we have written scripts for TV adverts advertising items made from recycled plastic; consolidated our understanding of place value  and explored evaporation, condensation, melting and freezing! We also had a quiet time of reflection at the end of the week and wrote prayers for our class pray board:

In case you hadn’t heard, this Saturday (10/10) saw young Carlo Acutis beatified in Assisi. This young man died of leukaemia when he was just 15 and if he were still alive today would be 29… The same age as Mrs Muscionico (shhh don’t tell anyone!) He is an absolutely wonderful role model for young people today… It’s unbelievable that someone has become a saint so fast; his little brother and sister were sat on the front row of the Mass! Here’s a little message for you, ESPECIALLY for those of you who are having your First Holy Communions this weekend or next weekend!


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