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St Louis Catholic Academy

St Louis
Catholic Academy

Holy, Holy, Holy!

This week, a miracle happened. We had MASS in school! This is the first time since February(?) that we were able to come together as any kind of group to celebrate Mass in school. We had a wonderful celebration within our bubble with a focus on the Eucharist as being food for our journey so that it was a sort of celebration for our children who have just celebrated their First Holy Communion. Yes, there was no singing or anything like that but it was still wonderful to celebrate and share the Eucharist together again.

In Sycamore, we have also started to have official Prayer Leaders who have done a fantastic job at not only leading us in prayer everyday but also in leading us through reflection sessions using resources to help them. They’ve got off to a great start!

In other news, we’ve become VERY competitive at TTRS, particularly as we have a KS2 competition running for now until the end of term. Come on Sycamores!

Homework: Comprehension on Teams and Maths on MyMaths. Don’t forget to read and answer those questions in your Reading Journals! If you have recently had your First Holy Communion, please email in photos and we can share our experiences in our class’s Faith Life Book!

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