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St Louis Catholic Academy

St Louis
Catholic Academy

Becoming experts...

We are loving finding out about Kenya.  Did you know that both England and Kenya grow tomatoes, potatoes and onions?  Another two main crops in Kenya are maize and beans.

When Mrs Cox went to Kenya she brought back some Maasai items, so we had fun dressing up like the Maasai and trying on some of their jewellery.  We also looked and smelt a gourd, which is made from a seed pod.  The Maasai use it to mix cow milk and blood.  It smelt different but not bad (I promise - Mrs Cox!) One of the necklaces also smells like the Maasai village, so we smelt that too!

In amongst all our Kenya learning we have been writing our recounts about our Africa Day.  There are some excellent paragraphs being written.  We're becoming really enthusiastic writers!

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