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St Louis Catholic Academy

St Louis
Catholic Academy

Fairtrade Friday

Today saw us end our first half-term together by playing the ‘Banana Game’! We looked at Gambia’s main exports to other countries, discussed trade and then split up into different ‘teams’ such as banana workers and importers etc. We then had to discuss how much of the money we thought we should get in each group. The children were very enthusiastic about joining in and explaining what they thought were fair and unfair amounts; they were shocked when they found how much each party ‘normally’ gets.

This tied in quite nicely with our discussion at the start of the week about sharing and what on this planet belongs to whom. We wrote our ideas about how we can make sure that all children are OK on hands and stuck them in our Faith Life books.

We’ve also loved learning all about the water cycle in Science with a bit of help with a song (on YouTube, it’s the Water Cycle song by Blazer Fresh). Were getting quite good at doing the words and dance moves at the same time!

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