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Mission Statement

Learning Together in Faith.

By recognising Jesus Christ in ourselves and others, our school strives to be a living Christian Community which values and nurtures each individual through a sound education and encourages responsible attitudes towards our changing world.

To remain faithful to our mission statement we aim:

  • To enable every member of our school community to recognise their own God-given worth and in turn to respect the unique value of each person whatever their ability, age, wealth, poverty, gender or race.
  • To offer a Catholic Religious Education programme and formation which enables all children to grow in their love of Jesus Christ.
  • To rejoice in and celebrate our Faith and life through “meaningful” liturgies, assemblies and prayer.
  • To encourage shared responsibilities between home and school.
  • To strengthen our shared Faith with our parish and other Catholic Schools within our Deanery by being ‘Partners in Christ for Others’.
  • To encourage links within our immediate neighbourhood and so develop an appreciation and respect for other faiths and cultures.
  • To recognise and respond to the needs of each individual within the school community.
  • To create an environment within which staff and pupils are encouraged to develop and grow to their full potential.
  • Through sound government and management to provide and use cost effective resources that are appropriate and necessary for our work.
  • Through the guidelines of the National Curriculum, provide a broad and balanced education.
  • To help children develop a love of their environment and learn to treat and use it with the utmost care and respect.
  • To educate and inform all individuals in our community about the aspirations and moral dangers of our changing world, and be equipped and ready to give any necessary support.

The history of St Louis.

St Louis School began as an Independent School in 1937 and remained so until 1970 when it became a Voluntary Aided Primary School under Suffolk Education Authority’s three tier system of education.

The school serves a wide area, catering for children from the town of Newmarket and outlying villages up to a radius of approximately fifteen miles.

The school, which looks onto ‘The Severals’, is a three-storey building dating from 1897. It is surrounded by  extensive lawns, which are rich in trees and shrubs. To the rear of the building is a large tarmac playground.

The main school building contains five classrooms and one small room, which is used for Special Needs teaching, groups work and private music lessons. The Headteacher has an office on the first floor. The School Business Manager and the Admin Team are housed on the second floor. Three other rooms complete the building – one panelled room used as a Library; the second as a practical activity room for Art and Craft and Design Technology. The third is a kitchen used for cookery and small group sessions.

A sixth classroom is linked to the main building, with the link corridor housing cloakroom provision for the three younger classes. A seventh classroom is external to the main school, but linked to the sixth classroom through a special outdoor learning area. There is also a gymnasium situated to the left of the main school. It has a well equipped kitchen and is used as a dining room as well as assemblies hall.

St Louis School is committed to offering a high standard of Education to all children from Early Years to eleven when the majority of children transfer to St Benedicts Upper School, Bury St. Edmunds. Due to the schools reorganisation review the current year 5’s will remain with us until the end of year 6 and we will be able to accept new year 6 pupils from September 2012.