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Care of Your Child

Initial Record of Concern.

Should teachers or parents be concerned about any particular aspect of a child’s development, e.g. learning or behaviour, this may be recorded on an ‘Initial Record of Concern’. Parents are involved in compiling these reports,  to ensure that these children get the necessary support to overcome their difficulties, whether this is academic, social or medical.

Parent/Teacher Meetings.

There are parent / teacher consultation evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms. These are for Year 1 through to Year 6.  Parents of those children in Holly and Nursery Classes (Reception) will be seen by teachers each term as arranged.

If you need to discuss something with your child’s teacher at any time, please contact the School Office and a mutually convenient appointment will be arranged as soon as possible.


Detailed records of each child’s progress and academic achievement are kept by the school using a range of methods.  These will be discussed with parents at consultation evenings and at other times by special request.


Parents will receive a written report for their child/children at the end of the Summer Term and where appropriate, a statement of the levels achieved in the National Curriculum Tests (often called ‘SATs’) for Year 2 and Year 6 children.


Parents will be informed by teachers of required homework expected for their child for their particular level. Teachers will follow current homework legislation.


During school hours, teachers or Admin staff will not administer medicine except in the case of a child with a long-term medical condition. A special arrangement must be made with the Headteacher. If it is agreed that prescribed medicine will be given, the parent must provide a detailed note stating that they give permission for St Louis to administer the medicine, advise exact dosage and the name of the medicine.

Inhalers must be left in the charge of the class teacher, but readily accessible to the child.

  • If your child has a medical condition please inform the school. A Medical Information Form can be downloaded from the Forms Library – Click here.
  • Further information can be found on our Health & Medication Page – Click here.


When children are unwell they should be kept at home. There are no qualified medical personnel only basic first-aid and facilities for looking after sick children is very limited. If a child has been sick they should not return to school until they have been well for at least 48 hours.

  • Further information can be found on our Illness Procedure Page – Click here.

Absence from school.

If your child is absent from school through illness, please telephone the school as soon as possible, but before 8.50am so their absence is accounted for, leaving a message on the absence line

Children’s work is disrupted by absences from school and the taking of holidays during term time is discouraged. If this is impossible to avoid, an application must be made to the Headteacher in the form of a holiday request form (obtainable from Reception). Children are not permitted to have more than 10 school days in an academic year, unless there are special circumstances. Absence from school during National Curriculum Tests weeks (May each year) for Year 2 and Year 6 is not permitted.