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The school is committed to promoting the Health and Welfare of all pupils.

We are required by law to follow procedures laid down by Suffolk Area Child Protection Committee if we see signs which suggest that one of our pupils may have been abused.

Use of the procedures in this way is an obligation placed on the school by legislation and in now way infers that the Parent / Carer is being accused of wrong-doing.

We have two Safeguarding Officers at our school. Please contact one of them if you have any concerns.

Designated Safeguarding Lead– Mr Nick Kerin (Head of School)

Alternate Safeguarding Lead– Mrs Karen Bryan (SENCo)

Safeguarding Governor – Mrs Julienne Whipp (Chair of Governors)


Are you concerned about a child?

Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board

(Click above to visit the Suffolk Safeguarding Website)

Telephone Numbers

Children’s Services:  0800 800 4005

Suffolk Police:  01473 613500






Child Abuse.

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Care of Your Child.

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