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Late Arrivals

What to do if you are late.

Following Government guidelines introduced during the Summer of 2005, we must ask that if your child is late you bring them to Reception to be signed in. Anyone late after the close of register at 9.05 a.m. is recorded as an unauthorised absence even though present in school for the rest of the morning.

All absences (including medical appointments) must be requested in advance otherwise they will be recorded as unauthorised. Forms for requesting absence can be obtained from the school Reception.

If you collect your child early from school for any reason, you must also sign them out in Reception. As with the signing in process you must record in the register on the sheet provided for your child’s class:

  • Today’s Date.
  • Your Child’s Name.
  • Reason for lateness or leaving early.
  • Parent’s signature.
  • Time In.
  • Time Out.